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Giuliani: "Biden's Family Has Been Taking Money From His Public Office For Years"
In an interview on "FOX News Sunday," President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani outlined allegations of corruption against Joe Biden regarding his son's business dealings in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. FOX NEWS, JOHN ROBERTS: Interactions between President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and...
Murphy: Trump's Relationship With Ukraine Is "Incredibly Suspicious," Whistleblower Must Go Public
In an interview Sunday on"Meet the Press," Sen. Chris Murphy told host Chuck Todd about a conversation he had with the president of Ukraine and warned that the circumstances around the Trump administration's release of foreign aid to Ukraine are "incredibly suspicious." "I went to Kiev because I...
Toomey On Ukraine: "At This Point, We Don't Know Anything" But "Leaked Rumors"
Sen. Pat Toomey told Chuck Todd that it would be "not appropriate" for a candidate for federal office to solicit help from foreign governments, during an interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."
"FOX News Sunday" Panel: "Maximum Pressure" Meets Maximum Resistance From Iran, Trump vs. Biden On Ukraine
FNc's John Roberts hosts Matthew Continetti, Jonah Goldberg, Juan Williams, and Susan Page.
"This Week" Roundtable: Standoff With Iran, Dems Accuse Trump Of Abuse Of Power, Remembering Cokie Roberts
ABC's Martha Raddatz hosts Donna Brazile, Karen Tumulty, Mara Liasson, and Karen Travers.
"Meet The Press" Roundtable: Trump Defends Ukrainian Call As "Totally Appropriate"
Kristen Welker, Robert Costa, Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the battle over an intelligence whistleblower.
CNN "State Of The Union" Panel: Warren Takes The Lead In Iowa, Biden Vs. Trump On Ukraine
CNN's Jake Tapper hosts Rick Santorum, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, Mia Love, and Karen Finney.
Lindsey Graham: No One Has Looked At The Bidens And Ukraine Until Now
Sen. Lindsey Graham joined FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" to discuss allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden and his son's business dealings in Ukraine. FOX NEWS, MARIA BARTIROMO: A lot to talk about right now with the man of the hour. He's the Republican Senator...
McLaughlin Group: Iranian Act Of War? To Impeach Or Not To, NYT Kavanaugh Flub, Trump Whistleblower Flap
Guest host Seth Berenzweig and guest panelist Siraj Hashmi join regulars Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Clarence Page.
Sen. Chris Coons: Trump's "Baseless" Smear About Biden And Ukraine Is Like Hillary's Emails All Over Again
Sen. Chris Coons, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told MSNBC’s David Gura that he believes Trump must release the transcript of the call with the Ukrainian president that is said to be the subject of a whistleblower complaint. He also said that President Trump's...
"Face The Nation" Panel: Iran Standoff, U.N. General Assembly, Trump's Call With Ukrainian President
David Sanger, Lanhee Chen, Ben Domenech and Radhika Jones join us to discuss tensions with Iran, the new upcoming U.N. General Assembly and President Trump's call to the Ukrainian president.
CNN Report: Rural Minnesota Voters "More And More Align With The President"
In this video highlighted by the "Trump War Room," CNN reporter Martin Savidge travels to the Iron Mountains region of Northern Minnesota, where President Trump's pro-industrial agenda has convinced voters in the once-prosperous mining region that the GOP has become the "party of working...
Ben Carson On Transgender Rights: "Federal Government Doesn't Need To Be Telling People Who Is A Man Or A Woman"
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, under fire for allegedly making transphobic comments in a memo to HUD workers, explained to FNC's Tucker Carlson on Friday what he meant. "I simply pointed out the fact that, you know, we have to have policies that take into consideration...
Charles Barkley: Democrats "Only Talk To Black People Every Four Years"
Legendary NBA power forward Charles Barkley opined on the Democratic party's relationship with the black community in an interview with radio host Michael Smerconish's show this week. "We need to start holding you Democrats accountable because they’ve been taking black people's votes, and they...
Candace Owens to Congress: White Supremacy Not A Major Problem Or Threat Facing Black America
Candace Owens testifies that a House Oversight Joint Subcommittee hearing on 'Confronting White Supremacy' is part of a "farce" repeated "every four years ahead of an election cycle" by Democrats to get black votes. Owens argued Friday that Democratic policies are what have hurt black Americans,...
Tucker Carlson: Climate Strike Was Organized By Cynical Adults Hoping To Exploit Children For Political Purposes
TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Millions of schoolchildren across America and around the world skipped school today. They weren’t playing hooky. They were participating in a coordinated leftwing political protest called a “climate strike.” MSNBC, naturally, was there to cheer them on:   New York...
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